Tuesday, December 16, 2008

African Arts wishes you a Happy 2009 and some

Dear friends,

2008 was a great year for the African Art market. Since it was not pushed by exagerated speculation like in the contemporary Art Market, the African Art market stayed stable.

In Paris a Sénoufo deble just sold for 322 192 €. (french). This seems expensive, but in fact it is not since a pair sold a few weeks ago at Sotheby's in New-York for 3.5 million.

If you like Benin Bronzes visit PENN Art with there last show African bronzes, in cultural context. Just after the turn of the last century, some European artists became infatuated with African sculpture, they responded to its often astonishing formal inventiveness.
»Read Penn Benin Bronzes story

Museum of African Art Founder Warren Robbins died Warren M. Robbins, 85, founder of the Museum of African Art, forerunner to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art, died Dec. 4 2008 at George Washington University Hospital of complications from a fall at his home last month.

The World Bank’s Art Curator Discusses a Major New Exhibit – Africa Now!
World Bank Art Curator Marina Galvani came to the Bank’s Art Program via a circuitous route; a trained economist and art historian, she initially joined the Bank as an economist. She soon gravitated toward the Art Program and has since become something of a force in the art world, especially in poor countries. read the interview World Bank Africa Now

Tribal Treasures in Dutch Private Collections
Arnold Wentolt and Siebe Rossel are leading the VVE Vereniging Vrienden Etnografica . The organisation exist since already 25 years and did a special exhibition with unpublished pieces from his members in the Netherlands . Read the books content. Afrikaanse Kunst in Nederland

Jolika collection lawsuit: A Collection of Tribal Art Is Embroiled in a Modern Family Feud

Photo News: Samuel Fosso African Chief If it is Tuesday, I am an African chief.
Prominent photographer Samuel Fosso brings his arresting self portraits as a pirate, tribal chief, businessman, a society woman — and tells the tale of Central African Republic.

An African photo exhibit, with books Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have devoted 30 years to exploring the traditions, cultures and people of Africa. They immerse themselves in the lifestyle of a particular tribe by living in the same manner and eating the same food in order to befriend people whose stories they hope to tell personally and intimately. .. more photo news

Monday, October 27, 2008

Buy African Aniques updated

I updated the front page from http://www.buyafricanantiques.com to make it more convinient for those who are willing to browse my site to buy african art

Monday, May 26, 2008

african art antiques shop stay

african art antiques shop stay

Bruneaf 2008 and related events

David Norden, an independent dealer not a member from any organisation invites you in Brussels from 4 to 8 June 2008 as a guest of Antiques Carl Reyntens at the rue Watteeu 27, 1000 Brussels (click to find me on the Google map - it is close to the perroquet). I have found some fine pieces, like a XVIIIth century Bamileke Cup; a Tschokwe mask from the Stapelen Museum; and much more ....
Maybe I'll do a little online presentation and another newsletter before the Brussels events if I find the time. I will also present some fine photography by my wife Sylvie Verhaeghe who also participates in the "festival de la photographie" in Arles this summer.

David Norden
Tel +32 3 227.35.40

Thursday, April 10, 2008

lower back tattoos

tribal tattoos The world's most tattooed person is Tom Leppard from the Isle of Skye, Scotland, who has 99.9 per cent of his body covered with a leopard-skin design.
body art : The earliest found tattoo was in Egypt. The tattoo was found on a mummy from the times of pyramid building. Tattooing has been said to be in existence since 12,000 BC. The earliest found tattoo was in Egypt. Get your own tattoo design from the confort of your home Lower Back Tattoo. Over the last thirty or so years, a renewed general interest in body styling can be determined among the various cultures of the West. Body modifications comprise a whole range of practices to which belong branding, scarification, implantation, deformations of the skull, the foot binding, beauty operations, Tatoos and body painting.

tribal tattoos Urine was sometimes used to mix the colouring matter of early tribal tattoos.

A mother had here son Alec who loves his inked-up arm with tribal tattoos and She loves Alec. So she gradually came to respect his body adornment.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Women: What Suits You? - There are many types of lower back tattoo designs, including the popular tribal back tattoos.Picking the right design isn't easy, unless you have a large selection of great tattoo design ideas to choose from. But, first what makes a good tattoo for the lower back? Watch this video to find out.Then, get the best selection of award-winning lower back tattoo designs at: Lower Back Tattoo and go with your stencil at the nearest Tattoo Shop.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

African Art : Recent Acquisitions

Buy African AntiquesDavid Norden
fine African Art.

We advise great collections since 1992 !

David Norden Sint Katelijnevest 27 B2000 Antwerpen Tel: +32 3 227.35.40

African Art for sale

Dear friends ,Please find below some thumbnails from my recent acquisitions. The items above the page are more valuable than the ones below the page. Click on the thumbs and see items you like.

aduma mask Baule seated Lvdv


kota Okondja


Bwaka statue mask and chair.jpg (90183 bytes)

Bwaka statue, 17 cm. 2,500 € Burkina Faso mask & chair, ex Ian Shaw:3000€


Ashanti funeral head + Bamana Doorlock

terracotta-rdk-Ashanti african doorlock


A small Kifwebe masquette

Small Kifwebe masquette

26 cm without stand, 37cm if it's stand (included in the price).

From a Dutch collection.Price: 1,300€

Hope you enjoyed,

David Norden

African Art

see more objects at Buy African Antiques

Thursday, January 17, 2008

African Art hub

I created a African Art hub page to explain what you should look at to build a collection with genuine African Art. When I read the messages posted on the many discussion groups on the internet I see that most African Art collectors still strugle with the fact that they don't know how to recognise if a piece is AUTHENTIC or not.

I must tell you that even if I grew up with African Art myself, it is not an easy task and that even today, I have somethimes to live a few days with a piece of African Art before beeing able to put it in the category "genuine" or "fake".
And even then sometimes the answer is not 100% on one side or the other.

You must get experienced and see as many genuine pieces as possible.

I explain some of the resources to explore at the African Art hub