Thursday, December 15, 2005

african art in the news, and a trophy skull

Wednesday, 14 December 2005, at 4:13 p.m.
David Norden African Art Antiques and Discussion Group.

dear $email,

Well, I hope this email will reach those of you who are not yet spending all the money they have for under the tree.

This month, we see that African art dealers are looking for new challenges to find clients.
At Lineart in Gent, African art dealers where exhibiting among contemporary art. This is probably due to the fact that the old generation that likes antiques is not so active as before, and that the “moving money" is in the more contemporary art field. We all wish them good luck.
At Lineart you could have seen also the pictures from Jean-Dominique Burton and the presentation of his book : “Naabas” Chefs Traditionnels du Burkina Faso ". For those interested in photography, I have a special offer only for the readers of this newsletter: A limited edition of 100 books with an original real picture of the cover image included for only €150. Send me a private mail if you need the subscription information and more details.

Also, I have a very special piece this month that I want to show: An impressive Senufo statue, provenance Helmut Gersheim. Senufo seated female figure, registered at Yale under number: 0062129~01
And a family trophy skull at

David Norden

Protected African art can simply be bought in Antwerp.
A journalist discovered three Nok statues on my website, that's how I ended on the cover of De Morgen with a Nok exhibited in the Louvre (that I never sold) and on the television the next day

American Indian baskets in Denver
Joyce Herold of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science holds a basket whose design incorporates the Jicarilla Apache origin myth. For ceremonial reasons, the base and rim - the start and finish - had to be created in full sunlight and done in a single day. read:

Home Is Where the Art Is (and the bookstores too) - Sugar Hill - brownstone collaboration.

Africa in broad sweeps and bold brushstrokes in New York Bakassi. Chelsea. Ecomog. Dark Sailor. Mac Lord. Nixson. King Solomon. Poncho Picolo. Top Squad. What sounds like an international hip-hop roll call is a list of brand-name liquors found in Nsukka, a city in Nigeria....

Personal objects and textiles from South Africa Xhosa, Mfengu woman's headscarf, South Africa (Detail) Axis gallery MFENGU November 8 - December 22, 2005

The power of female creativity courses through a small show of South African garments at the Axis Gallery in Manhattan. All but one piece was made by and for women of the Mfengu cultural group. Of several monochromatic skirts, some are white or beige-gray, and one is dyed a dusky ochre, a color associated with the earth, fertility and menstrual blood. In every case, the surfaces are ornamented with lines of beadwork, as fine and taut as compass needles. The minimalist painter Agnes Martin would have adored the elegant probity of this work and its message of strength in restraint.
Holland Cotter, Visions of a Continent That Is Rich With Life , The New York Times, November 25, 2005MFENGU November 8 - December 22, 2005

Sothebys SALE: November Report by Lee Rubinstein, a member of our discussion group, did an interesting auction analysis ... It can be interesting -- and both illuminating and strange at once -- to look at the relative valuation of productions originating from specific cultural traditions as evidenced in what is offered, what sells and what is deemed worthy of presentation and purchase. Be that as it may, Sotheby's catalogues - read the Sotheby's report

Akan gold Spectacular Collection of Golden Regalia From Ghana West African Gold: Akan Regalia from the Glassell Collection showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship of goldsmiths and weavers of Ghana, and presents many works by Asante artists. On view through March 26, 2006 in the Loring Gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA)

Gallery sees cultural diversity as its masterwork ESCONDIDO – In the beginning of time, according to the Yoruba, one of sub-Saharan Africa's most prolific art-producing cultures, gods who lived in the sky would sometimes descend to the earth on spider webs...

Africa speaks! Ubangi Explorer Paul Hoefler leads a safari into central Africa and what was called the Belgian Congo in 1930, into the regions inhabited by the Wassara and the famous Ubangi tribes. If you have a little time see this 1930 film !

Bargain collection pieces. I did a cleanup in my attick and decided to offer you some items for 500 bucks !

For those of you speaking French

Le mythe de la Coca-colonisation « Lorsqu’un vieillard meurt en Afrique, c’est une bibliothèque entière qui brûle... ». En apparence empreinte d’une profonde sagesse, cette sentence de l’écrivain malien Amadou Hampaté Bâ, s’avère, à l’analyse, outrancièrement catastrophiste... Ce texte n'a pas fort été apprecié par les membres du groupe de discussion

Seymour Lazar La passion d'un collectionneur Ancien avocat devenu millionnaire, Seymour Lazar vit dans le désert de la côte ouest des Etats-Unis. Là, depuis plus de quarante ans, il accumule des trésors. Pour «Le Figaro Magazine», il ouvre ses portes sur l'une des plus belles collections privées d'art primitif. lisez:
Sint Katelijnevest 27 B2000 Antwerpen. Belgium Tel.: +32 (0)3 227.35.40
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outside Africa

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

tribal art fair Amsterdam

I am leaving tomorrow for amsterdam, I hope it will be successfull
I am taking some very nice unseen pieces, like a rare Mangbetu Medge tribe piece, a Fang statue, a Kota, and an impressive Tschokwe mask
tribal art fair Amsterdam

Note: IN 2006 Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam 26,27,28,29 October 2006

Monday, October 17, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005


Dit is heus wel een leuke site voor Afrikaanse hedendaagse kunst

Africaserver: "In Afrikaanse kunstenaars in Nederland een overzicht van hedendaagse kunstenaars van Afrikaanse origine. Meer dan 30 Afrikaanse kunstenaars uit meer dan 15 landen - werkend en woonachtig in Nederland - presenteren zich op het web met ieder drie afbeeldingen van het werk, een karakterisering van het werk, biografische gegevens en contactadres.
De kunstenaars kunnen geselecteerd worden op land, alfabet en sexe (man/vrouw).
Nieuwe aanmeldingen van kunstenaars worden op prijs gesteld:, tel 020 - 531 84 99, fax 020 - 531 84 98."

African art

Related Info for: "African Antiques, is the mirror from a portal dedicated on African arts hosting a discussion group with hundreds of members and a monthly newsletter with 1000's of african art lovers subscribers who read about auctions, exhibitions, stolen items, fairs and other news related.
The website has an extensive descriptive bookmarks collection, and also african tribes description, of course a section with masks and statues on sale, but also news about the latests fairs, auctions and museum exhibtions.
The moderated discussion group focus more on important concerns like authenticity and motivations to collect, but also the members discuss pieces in an honest way without focussing on self-promotion. "

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hot Business, Real News

Hot Business, Real News: "Is a news website with hand-picked information from A to Z giving good content on high paying keywords and interesting subjects, hope you enjoy reading the following sections"

Monday, September 05, 2005


Dear tribal art lover,

As usual you will have to travel much if you want to see fine African Art.

Follow the link to read it online.


Friday, August 19, 2005

African art experts

African art experts: "Most top end dealers and auction houses are African art experts, but since they also deal in African art they don't always give you a 100% trustable opinion.
I guess you will get a more objective opinion about your pieces, if you tell they are not for sale, and want to have a written appraisal for the insurance, but it usually will cost you some money.
You can also get information about your pieces by asking an estimate to most auction houses specialized in African art.
When people mail me, I tell them if the piece is interesting for me or not, and when I know I can also give some information's about the tribe."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

fine art photography

fine art photography

The exhibition of 34 Fine Art Photography works by Sylvie Verhaeghe is not curated yet but presented by David Norden his agent and partner in life.

While Sylvie Verhaeghe (1967-?) worked in all the leading artistic modes-still life, landscape, portraiture and abstraction- she remains impossible to categorize, or to forget.

Sylvie Verhaeghe is a meticulous craftsman, producing relatively few finished works in her 12-year artistic career. Surrealism and post-modernism early influence-as seen in her first blue prints of home found objects, and the sensitive pictures she made from her regretted mother .

A central feature of Sylvie 's creative vision is here "focus"-her interest in photography -and here enthusiasm.

"ID-Photography" assembles key works dated 2005 that represent the astonishing straightforward creative vision on human and objects identity.

Sylvie Verhaeghe
Born in Antwerp in 1967
Studied photography at the “ Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Gent ”
Won several photography prices in Belgium, and participated in several group exhibitions.
Runs a portret studio since 1992.

All pictures by ©2005 Sylvie Verhaeghe

Sunday, August 07, 2005



Dear African Art lover,

Well August will be probably quite calm, but you can already prepare
for the Zemanek auction and the Kaos Fair in Paris in September and
the Taf Fair in Amsterdam in October, and if you feel like travelling,
go for the "Arts of Africa" summer exhibition by Ezio Bassani
in `Monaco-Arts of Africa '.

See also some of my fine recent african art acquisitions ,

Read my last newsletter online, Click on the link above.

David Norden

Thursday, July 28, 2005

London Bonhams auction.July 20, 2005

Bonhams result list
On July20, 2005 at Bonhams London the auction was very expensive.

The Charles Milton fine collection of items was proposed starting at lot 191 to 227. He was a painter and textile designer. He also illustrated many of the pieces he bought.

Many of those pieces where once sold by the Arcade gallery .
The nicest pieces went for a multiple of the estimates to the Brussels dealers, like the nice Bakongo maternity 10,2 cm high that was estimated 2000 pounds and sold for 28,800 pounds (lot191).

Bakongo image

Or the fine Yaure mask 33.7cm from the cover that sold to another Brussels dealer for £16,800. Like many of these pieces they where purchased from H.F. Rieser at the end of the fifities and Exhibited "An Exhibition of Baule Sculptures Arcade Gallery, spring 1979"

Bonhams organises the only specialist Tribal sales in London, and remained on the market while Sotheby's and Christies left many years ago. Prices for African art remain strong when pieces are well selected and witha good provenance.

Last year I came back from London with 60 kg, this year I only got 4 pieces in my backpack: a nephrite Tiki, a north West coast staff, a small Ashanti coming from the Mestach collection, and a Lega Bwami figure with monkey hair. I was outbidded for most other items I liked.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

New Ekiti on buyAfricanantiques

Ekiti: "Ekiti
A fine small old Ekiti cup bearer statue.Yoruba people, Ekiti region. "

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Newsletter July 05

July05: "Dear reader,
Lega Lukungu Lega Ivory, 20 cm high, sold for 2.4 Million EUROS

This month, I have put in some summer clothes,

The month of June has been very active, with seven auctions in Paris and several records broken, like the Lega Ivory that sold in Paris for two and a half million Euros. Fine quality, good provenance and fresh pieces on the markets are still the rules of the game for fetching high prices.

Bruneaf had more dealers and visitors than ever. Also contemporary art now gets attention and increased public interest expressed itself in high prices paid for work by contemporary African Artists like Ch?ri Samba.

Tell me if you bought some treasures that you want to share in the discussion group with it's 887 members and nearly 11,000 past messages. Or, if you speak French, join Antiques Africaine (125 members) and show us the favorite antique pieces in your collection.

I made my blog public at
If you already have an RSS reader you can use an Atom-formatted XML site feed to read the next newsletters and my ?in?between? ideas. The feed is intended to be viewed in a Newsreader or syndicated to another site. You can see the blog at

In July I invite you to go to Monaco to see 250 African masterpieces from ancient times to the present.

Enjoy the sun, enjoy the reading...

David Norden.

Monaco ?Arts of Africa? is an invitation to the heart of the African continent and its artistic expression in the broadest sense. July 16 -September 4, 2005
For the first time on 4,"

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 refreshed

I just gave a fresh summer look to my website, tell me if you like the lighter colors.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The blogging feed link !

Well if you need some real feed for thoughts, use this atom RSS link!

Tribal Artery

Tribal Artery is the new Blog from William Ernest Waites, a member of the discussion group who has his shop in Florida.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Brussel in June under the Sun

June will be tough, there are to much auctions in Paris, will people come to Brussels, or will they spend all the money in Paris ? We will see. Let's hope for the best. I will show in Brussels "Small little Treasure" coming from the collection of the English artist "Josef Herman"

Monday, May 02, 2005

Orlando Ndebele art

Ndebele Art of South Africa: "The Orlando Museum of Art presents Patterns of Life: Bold and Powerful Ndebele Art of South Africa, Selections and Gifts from the Norma Canelas and William D. Roth Collection, through July 31. The exhibition is the seventh in a series from the Roth's collection of African art. The Ndebele people of South Africa are known for their sense of geometric design. Also included in the exhibition are illustrations of the Ndebele people by South African artist Barbara Tyrell. Tresured Jewelry from the Collections of Dr. and Mrs. Solomon D. Klotz and Norma Canelas and William D. Roth features more than 70 works by jewelry artists and is on display through April 24."

Monday, March 07, 2005


Wake-Forest-University-Winston-Salem-North-Carolina: "Spirit Influences on the Arts of Power
The David and Karina Rilling Collection of African Art? will open Feb. 11 at Wake Forest University?s Museum of Anthropology. The exhibit, which explores how objects connected to the spirit world become essential to governing and decision-making in African societies, will run through May 21."

This is an interesting exhibition about power figures and spirit in the Nrth Carolina