Friday, August 19, 2005

African art experts

African art experts: "Most top end dealers and auction houses are African art experts, but since they also deal in African art they don't always give you a 100% trustable opinion.
I guess you will get a more objective opinion about your pieces, if you tell they are not for sale, and want to have a written appraisal for the insurance, but it usually will cost you some money.
You can also get information about your pieces by asking an estimate to most auction houses specialized in African art.
When people mail me, I tell them if the piece is interesting for me or not, and when I know I can also give some information's about the tribe."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

fine art photography

fine art photography

The exhibition of 34 Fine Art Photography works by Sylvie Verhaeghe is not curated yet but presented by David Norden his agent and partner in life.

While Sylvie Verhaeghe (1967-?) worked in all the leading artistic modes-still life, landscape, portraiture and abstraction- she remains impossible to categorize, or to forget.

Sylvie Verhaeghe is a meticulous craftsman, producing relatively few finished works in her 12-year artistic career. Surrealism and post-modernism early influence-as seen in her first blue prints of home found objects, and the sensitive pictures she made from her regretted mother .

A central feature of Sylvie 's creative vision is here "focus"-her interest in photography -and here enthusiasm.

"ID-Photography" assembles key works dated 2005 that represent the astonishing straightforward creative vision on human and objects identity.

Sylvie Verhaeghe
Born in Antwerp in 1967
Studied photography at the “ Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Gent ”
Won several photography prices in Belgium, and participated in several group exhibitions.
Runs a portret studio since 1992.

All pictures by ©2005 Sylvie Verhaeghe

Sunday, August 07, 2005



Dear African Art lover,

Well August will be probably quite calm, but you can already prepare
for the Zemanek auction and the Kaos Fair in Paris in September and
the Taf Fair in Amsterdam in October, and if you feel like travelling,
go for the "Arts of Africa" summer exhibition by Ezio Bassani
in `Monaco-Arts of Africa '.

See also some of my fine recent african art acquisitions ,

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David Norden