Monday, July 26, 2004

A nok figure tested 2000 years old

Another picture of my daughter Zazie at the window

Made this picture from my Daughter Zazie this week-end, she loves her little dog and called it "Frou-Frou".

Friday, July 23, 2004

Join the discussion group

To all whom are intrigued in African art, is a portal dedicated to African art. Since we
started in August 1998, we greeted 314,360 visitors

Over 500 members are currently in the group and new ones join us weekly.
Hear all the news first and discuss it. Discover a new World, learn about
African ethnic-groups, objects, authenticity, forthcoming exhibitions, fairs
and shows, new publications, auction news, stolen objects, you name it and
we have something to say about it. 3,000 visitors a week!
As a member you certainly do not have to be an expert. The members are just
as diversified as the African art world; from amateur to expert. You can
read and follow discussions without getting involved, or you can be an
active participant. If you have items you want to be valued or have
questions about authenticity, or anything related on African art, join the
discussion group. If you want to browse through more than 8,000 past
If you would like to become a member (remember it is free):
Groupe de discussion en français (plus de 70 members):
The newsletter, sent to more than 3000 individuals.
For a subscription to my monthly newsletter, you just send a blank email to: and confirm the subscription
invitation you'll get from spliolist.
I am sure that it will interest you what we do, if by chance you feel that
you joined by mistake, there is no trouble to withdraw. Just let me know, no
hard feelings.

David Norden,

A personal note:
The website with the discussion group is a hobby, but I am a full time
dealer in African art. I would also like to take this opportunity to offer
you my services as a consultant. Belgium is the world-centre of good and
authentic African art and I am at your service, living and working in
Antwerp. My activity is at the heart of the Primitive Art , but I donÂ?t
overprice like some experts on the Left Bank of Paris. I can give more
personal attention at a lower cost and willing to guarantee you my
selection. To see the items I have for sale you should visit (on 23 July 2004 this site was still under
construction )

Possible functions we can help you:

-If you want to BUY authentic African objects, and you want to be sure that
it is authentic, you should contact me. I have outstanding connections with
collectors and offer objects of the best quality. These objects come from
European private collections and have a prestigious pedigree. All objects
are guaranteed authentic. I understand that it is difficult to buy from a
photo, therefore it is my policy that if you are not happy for what ever
reason with the object you acquired, you just returned and your money is
-If you want to SELL an object, I can buy it directly from you or if you
wish, through my contacts with collectors we will find an other home for
your object(s).

If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact me, by phone or
just hit the reply button if you want to write me.

I thank you for your time and attention,

David Norden

African tribes This is my most viewed page on my website

A XIXth Century staff from Angola, wood and beads, shiny patina. Strange face don't you think?