Friday, July 28, 2006

August is hot this year

Dear african art lover ,

August is hot this year, enjoy some of our articles.
The market has been very strong this year and prices of African art are on the rise. But it still is possible to find genuine affordable things at reasonable prices, but you need for that to buy with knowledge, or buy from people who has knowledge themselves and are ethical. So that is the reason why you should visit as much Museums with African Art as possible, and also visit dealers with good reputation that delivers a certificate and take back items without questions or exchange them. Visit museums, fairs and auctions to increase your knowledge and see as much objects as possible to be able to pick up fine items. Try to track back the provenance of pieces, since age has an impact on the value, and try to buy pieces not because they are cheap, but because they "speak" to you, and are strong. Try also to find a "mentor" that could give you a second opinion before buying pieces, and you will be on your way to become a serious collector yourself.
David Norden
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Sunday, July 09, 2006

five days in Paris

five days in Paris I gave the final touch to the 29 pages reports with plenty images from all the fine pieces I have seen and some insiders stories and names that my readers can download for 10 €. They also get my address list with museums experts and dealers.