Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fly Lisboa

Fly Lisboa: "Dear friend,

The grand XVII BIENAL DE ANTIGUIDADES opening is on Saturday in Lisbon, Portugal, 4 p.m. and I really am happy of the selection of fine pieces I have made to show you there.

I found some marvelous old and fine Baule masks, a fine Bacongo wooden rattle, an impressive Dogon picoreur mask formerly from the Dutch dealer Steven van de Raadt, a superb Makonde mask, some fine little Luba statues, etc..

If you are already excited, just take a plane, with TAF you can be there in a few hours I guess. Since the Fair is open daily untill midnight, you can make it a 'short trip'. Also the Fair covers two weekends, so if you can't make it this weekend, do it the next.

It is really hot there and the beach is just around the corner... Perfect to get a little tan :-) My Hotel has a swimming pool on the roof, perfect for my daughter Zazie who is 6 now and who will join me for a few days with my wife Sylvie.

The best way to go is with TAF Airlines .
You can find hotels on

When I come back from Lisbon I will certainly go to the Lempertz auction next tribal art auction in Brussels on 30/3/2006 .
Another interesting auction is is the Jean-Pierre Hallet auction in New York , May 9-10, 2006.
His father was the famous Africanist painter André Hallet, read more at

We are doing research on African objects previously owned by Félix Fénéon.
Especially the objects sold in auction of 1947:
Bellier, Hotel Drouot-Paris "Collection Fénéon, Afrique, Océanie, Amérique", 11 & 13 June 1947.
Fénéon's love for art was absolute, and even formed his political orientation. The failure by the "bourgeois" society to understand the real artists, its admiration with commonplace hacks, 'sugary masters of schools and academies', and its accusation of new and fresh trends - all this was enough for Fénéon to justify the destruction of society.
Fénéon approved of Anarchistic propaganda, even its extreme forms, whichcalled for action using bombs. Some works by Impressionists hang from the walls of his study in the Ministry of Defence. Later, when Anarchists' terrorist attacks shocked France, some explosives would be found in the same study. Read more at :

Theft of sacred Kenya vigango angers Kenyan villagers Memorial totems are increasingly being stolen to fuel Western demand for African art.

Traditions Rome shows signs of African art . Over 100 works buck stereotypes and reveal thriving culture (ANSA) - Rome, March 3 - A facinating new exhibition here seeks to give visitors a glimpse of African art and culture and buck some stereotypes in the process. The show, entitled "Segni e simboli: i linguaggi nelle tradizioni africane" (Signs and symbols: languages in African traditions), opens at the city's Biblioteca Angelica on March

Landmarks in the globalization of modern African art. Contemporary African art is experiencing a renaissance in the West, moving beyond the primitivism of 1906 when western artists were influenced by traditional African art, and which sparked off a trend in the 1930s and 1940s showing African artworks in the West.

Hope to meet you soon,