Thursday, March 06, 2008

African Art : Recent Acquisitions

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African Art for sale

Dear friends ,Please find below some thumbnails from my recent acquisitions. The items above the page are more valuable than the ones below the page. Click on the thumbs and see items you like.

aduma mask Baule seated Lvdv


kota Okondja


Bwaka statue mask and chair.jpg (90183 bytes)

Bwaka statue, 17 cm. 2,500 € Burkina Faso mask & chair, ex Ian Shaw:3000€


Ashanti funeral head + Bamana Doorlock

terracotta-rdk-Ashanti african doorlock


A small Kifwebe masquette

Small Kifwebe masquette

26 cm without stand, 37cm if it's stand (included in the price).

From a Dutch collection.Price: 1,300€

Hope you enjoyed,

David Norden

African Art

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