Friday, August 25, 2006

Malawi - african masks

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Preserving culture in wood carvings
Malawi's Daily Times - Malawi

Preserving culture in wood carvingsBY DEBORAH NYANGULU02:18:29 - 25 August 2006Many people in the country have argued that our culture has taken a defective position – a position where culture is turning to ‘alien’ cultures and importing cultural elements from them.Every time one hears elders bemoaning Malawi’s lost culture. They recall the good old days when Malawi had what it could proudly call her own cultural identity.But despite all sorts of cultural imports taking place in the country, there still remain strong elements of what can be described as truly Malawian.One such element that has attempted to preserve the country’s culture is wood carving.Wood carvings are found almost everywhere in the country. They are sold along the roads in the country and many other places in the cities and towns.
... We thus make masks of gule wamkulu, figures of chiefs and animals, chairs, zipande, traditional bowls and models of African huts,” Baundi says. ...

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