Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Newsletter July 05

July05: "Dear reader,
Lega Lukungu Lega Ivory, 20 cm high, sold for 2.4 Million EUROS

This month, I have put in some summer clothes,

The month of June has been very active, with seven auctions in Paris and several records broken, like the Lega Ivory that sold in Paris for two and a half million Euros. Fine quality, good provenance and fresh pieces on the markets are still the rules of the game for fetching high prices.

Bruneaf had more dealers and visitors than ever. Also contemporary art now gets attention and increased public interest expressed itself in high prices paid for work by contemporary African Artists like Ch?ri Samba.

Tell me if you bought some treasures that you want to share in the discussion group with it's 887 members and nearly 11,000 past messages. Or, if you speak French, join Antiques Africaine (125 members) and show us the favorite antique pieces in your collection.

I made my blog public at
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In July I invite you to go to Monaco to see 250 African masterpieces from ancient times to the present.

Enjoy the sun, enjoy the reading...

David Norden.

Monaco ?Arts of Africa? is an invitation to the heart of the African continent and its artistic expression in the broadest sense. July 16 -September 4, 2005
For the first time on 4,"

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